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What has gone wrong with the YOUTHS, where are they and most important who are they? Certainly not these (Babas) on TV and Newspapers  these days . These are not the Northern youths !  We know the Northern youths they are not different from other youths of the world.Youths reason differently and if  you come to reason on it the Northern youths may identify themselves in some of the problems these hated BIAFRANS are fighting for. Is the YOUTH in the north better than the youth in the SOUTH or especially South East? No is the answer. Are the  social and economic situations in the home of the average youth in the North better than that of his southern brother? NO ! Then why leave yourselves as tools and weapon in the hands of your ‘common enemy: the OLIGARCHY /BOURGEOIS RULING CLASS.
The same BOURGEOIS RULING CLASS are feed  and empowering you wrongly with ‘unyouthful ‘and non progressive ideologies that only put you more into playing their tune,enriching and strengthening their grip on power and  their legs on you head and mine . The same OLIGARCHY that has reduced the middle class to nothing  polarised  Nigeria between THE RICH AND THE VERY POOR using every sort of instrument  like religion and tribal hatred to keep the poor and working class fighting while they continue to consolidate their gains and fortify their united class .A class that is so united and very nonreligious. Their real Gods are POWER  & MONEY. 
My dear YOUTHS Northern  & Southern, these are the people we have  to carry the WAR to and when I say war I do not mean violence, not on the poor Aboki selling suya in a corner in the south or that Inymiri (no insults intended) rendering all sort of services and production in the north. They will  later introduce religion to it  forgetting you are all children of the same God of Abraham and that they themselves preaching religious hate are the best of  friends to your so called brother who is of their same class  and who they no more perceive as a 'kafiri' just because of his class.

 My dear YOUTHS open your eyes ;those BABAs with you on Television are no YOUTHS and are there to destroy your generation  just for their selfish gains and to continue keeping all of us under perpetual slavery: they are our common enemies WAR them from the house . It is a class war  and not Inymiri vs Aboki nor Christians vs Muslims. Those people have one religion: their CLASS is their real religion.
At  the end of any war all of us  stand to lose, even the victorious side. 
  • What did the north gain from the Biafran war that Nigeria won? How did it develop the north for the masses? What gains came in . Only broken families,missing fathers lost in the war,broken families,social and economic destruction. 
  • How many people in your town has an oil block in the Delta region where 80% of the oil is owned by northerners?How do you my good Northern youth benefit from it? You don’t and I  in the south do not as well . 
  • Ask them how is it that the masses are poorer in the North ,while the northerners  are all gobbling all the proceeds of the war? 
  • Ask them why  we have  these  level of  poverty in the north while they have been in power 80% of the time since independence? My dear YOUTH before you start fighting your fellow poor Southerners ask those BABAS on TV  and meetings with you these questions.  
  • Ask them what happens to the allocations to states and your numerous local Governments ?. 
  • Ask why some states have only 4 good secondary schools  while a state of the same standard and status  in government measures in the south will have 150 standard secondary schools? 
  • Ask them why the LGAs in just 2 states are more than the total LGAs in all the South East and the masses suffer less there than in the North ? 
  • Ask them why  the Alamajiri  schools built by Jonathan's  administration are  closed down ?
  • Ask them if the south claims the north is marginalising  it and they are in a better shape in many aspects who then is Marginalising the North… ?  I know the answer >THE  OLIGARCHY /BOURGEOIS RULING CLASS.>  
  • The AGITATORS  in the  SOUTH I suppose are asking the same questions  but from other perspective and with or through  another ‘language’. Mark you ,your Southern brothers have  also almost the same  questions   for their own RUING CLASS.

It is time  the YOUTHS   became youths  and  reasoned as  Youths without this BABAs piloting the.  It is   high time we saw again  the NORTHER YOUTHS  I met in Kano  during my NYSC and short period  as a graduate assistant there. Youths that patrolled  together BUK and ATC/ABU Institute of Education through KABUGA reading those Marxist and Leninist literature  that abound BUK then,(now  replaced  100% by the Koran and Bible). Youths  that read History of  our nation and people  and tried to learn from their  wisdom and mistakes. Youths  that reasoned above tribes and religion but talked more on how to better the situations of the working class and the masses in general. Youths that did not read only the BIBLE AND KORAN but  discussed  and debated openly and sincerely their minds on issues of general interests. Youths  that took me around with their cars or Vespa and supported me  to look  for my Hausa Bride. Youths that every week looked for me  to attend a Hausa weeding party or Ramadan banquet. Youths   that during Ramadan fasting (azemi) always had their mothers send me some food   to break the fast though they knew I wasn’t fasting  and we laughed over it behind their mothers who we thought didn't understand but later we saw she knew everything. God bless her. hahaha. Youths that were  always inquisitive on knowing how the Igbos built upper Iweka  and explained to others that it wasn’t the FGN that built those houses  for Igbo people after he war. Youths  who sincerely ask you how Igbo people get all the money to travel overseas privately for studies while  they from the North travel on scholarship and why it should  be so? These were and  are the NORTHERN YOUTHS  we want  to hear from and not those (non progressive) BABAs that  arrogate youths on themselves.
These were the Youths the OLIGARCHY  do not want to come  together and which they use all deceit on both divide  to keep down and keep away because if  ever they reason really as youths  they would be less selfish come together and see the downfall of the BOURGEOIS RULING CLASS. And the opening  way of real equity and peace in the community. .
I am 
Chukwubike O Charles 

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