Thursday, September 13, 2012


 A man forgot to zip up his trouser so a lady said to him, 'Sir, your garage is open' The man gave her a naughty smile as he zippped up and asked, 'Did you see my BLACK RANGE ROVER SPORTS  parked inside?'
The lady smiled back & said, 'No Sir, just one small KEKE NAPEP with two flat tyres! Na wao!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


We are always ‘patriotically’ sharp, intellectual, egalitarian and sometimes unreasonable in criticizing those Nigerians that chose ( for now) other places not Nigeria as their residence ,but fall first shallow pit like this. We forget all our ‘patriotism’ and start the argument of globalization and the world being a village. Excuse me….. when was the last time any of us ‘football fans ‘ went to watch our local (clubs) boys play?
I was Nenwe ,Nike and oher Enugu suburbs last week-end and every thatched batcher in every village square had a Pay TV and crowds watching foreign matches., at the same period the Enugu Rangers international was playing a vital match but I was angered by the number of spectators ( just a couple of thousands) : You will get madder when you come to hear that the gate fee was zero Naira to encourage the coal city fans.



Il massaggio Shiatsu che si effettua tramite la pressione delle dita, dei palmi delle mani e dei piedi e dei gomiti su tutto il corpo, agisce sui punti energetici considerati dall'agopuntura. Stimola la circolazione sanguigna ed il flusso linfatico, agisce sul sistema nervoso allentando la tensione muscolare più profonda, rimuove le tossine dei tessuti, risveglia il sistema ormonale e sollecita la capacità di autoguarigione del corpo.


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