Tuesday, June 20, 2017


And they will always say "....God knows why he put us together in this great Nation..." (by the way, was Lord Fredrick Lugard religious?) I suppose God also know why he is doing what he is doing now . Why not we leave ourselves free and follow His wish.

According to AREWWA youths these people (IGBOS /BIAFRANS) are: 'stubborn,arrogant,International crooks,international money swindlers,drug barons, importers of fake products,producers of sub standard things,high profile prostitutes and a disgrace to Nigeria in the international arena'.
Waooo,personally I would be careful with such a neighbour not to talk of having him in the same company or country. My question is, "what is interesting in such a people?" LET THEM GO!!.
  • Probably God wants to sieve them out put them all in a corner and give the a 'trashing of their time'. 
  • Or God in his infinite wisdom and mercy wants Nigeria to grow faster without such weights on them. 
  • Or still God would want them apart as to express themselves fully and be the 'engine' that will propel Nigeria and Africa in general to high levels as these people always prophesies and claim.
Weather we like it or not the destiny the two nations are already interwoven and you cant do much about it anymore. The success of one is the success of the other same as in failure.
Lets all be wise,civil,accommodating and peaceful at least once and pray for the wish of God to be done.

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