Saturday, August 16, 2008


Have you ever seen the face of a wife killer? Have you ever met
anyone who took the life of the mother of his children? Have you
ever seen or met such a person who is a Nigerian? How spooky it is
indeed that such a person has the blood of another human being and a
Nigerian for that matter, drooling over his hands! Such a hallowing
experience becomes much creepier, when that monster who took the
life of a Nigerian is also a fellow Nigerian whom you may have
interacted with somehow. somewhat! Now buckle up your belt as
Icheoku takes you on a harried excursion through the faces, names
and somewhat biographies of some of these denigrate of society! They
are painting the average Joe-Nigerian man in American as a domestic
violent person; a potential wife killer! A bad name indeed, really?
They are the worst of the Nigerian male society in America : the
dregs of the society! They are the fabled black-sheep who have
defiled and violated the sanctity of the
Nigerian family cohesiveness. These men killed their WIVES! They
made their children motherless! It is abominable! Brace yourself!

Now, meet denigrate person wife-killer number one, Mr. Kelechi
Charles Emeruwa:-
A Nigerian Mr. Kelechi Charles Emeruwa, (pictured here right) 41 of
Old Umuahia, Abia State was charged and convicted with first degree
murder of his estranged wife, 36 year old Registered Nurse,
Chidiebere Omenihu Ochulo. Kelechi finally lost it and stabbed his
wife, with her own kitchen knife, several times that the fountain
left on Julius Ceaser fades in comparison, until she gave up the
ghost. "According to the account, Chidiebere had just returned from
Nigeria where she bolted away for three weeks to give her late
father a lavish burial despite protestations of Mr. Kelechi of the
bills that are accruing and payable here in America . She wouldn't
hear any of it, after-all she makes the money; only to return to an
angry frustrated maniacal husband who took her kitchen knife and
carved her up. It was on New Year's Day, in her townhouse in the
4200 block of Dunwood Terrace, in the Washington DC suburb of
Burtonsville in Montgomery County , Maryland .

For a l ittle biography, Chidiebere was born on June 1, 1970 and
attended schools in Umuahia and Yola before proceeding to University
of Nigeria Nsukka where she bagged a degree in Microbiology. She
then got married to Kelechi in 1996 and left for the US the same
year, having won the American Visa lottery. In an effort to really
settle down in the US and get a respectable job, she took a second
degree in Nursing and began a career at Washington Hospital Centre.
As a result of her hard work, she got to the peak of the
administrative cadre as a Deputy Director, Clinical Services, at the
Centre where she remained until her death in the cold hands of the
man she once loved - the father of her three children.

In Tennessee, a Nigerian man after taking it for so long, lost his
cool and shot his Registered Nurse wife as well as his hitherto
mother in-law to death with a shot gun. According to the account
this RN wife was married from Nigeria a pauper and brought to the
United States by this m an, who trained her in school as a
registered nurse. Soon after her qualification, the demon in her was
let loose and it became one torment after another, with one police
call after another followed by sleep-over in police cells and it
went on and on ad infinitum. After a protracted battle with the
authorities at the wife's instigation, this man lost his almost
nearly paid-off home to his wife, including the custody of his three
kids by her. He sees these kids just periodically according to
court's order and at the discretionary behest of the wife who
sometimes comes to the appointed custody visitation ground at a time
of her choosing; just to punish and suffer this
man. He could not take it any longer and now the rest is history
with two women shot dead and the killer in death row awaiting the
electric chair.

Another lunatic fringed monster, Mr. Theophilus Ojukwu has equally
entered the annals of Nigerian men wife-killers in the United States
of America ! This cancer of wife killing by Nigerian husbands is fast
spreading that the Nigerian society is getting numb and used to it,
as one of the social maladies of our times. A heinous act which
hitherto would be very abominable that people are shocked to their
bone marrows is today seen as a possibility. In Garland, Texas on
Saturday, March 25, 2007 Mr.Theophilus Ojukwu, (pictured right in
his orange prison jumpsuit) 46, of Enugwu-Agu, Ihe in Awgu LGA,
Enugu State used a mattock (hammer) to bludgeon his deeply asleep RN
wife, Melvina Ojukwu, 36, of Umuanebe, also of Ihe, Awgu LGA, Enugu
State to a very painful agonizing death.
Sources close to the family said that about two years ago, Melvina's
mother and mother in-law of Theophilus, who was visiting from
Nigeria tragically died in a mysterious circumstance, in a bathtub
in their house at 5400 block of Barcelona Drive , Garland Texas ; this
is where Melvina also met her untimely and heartbreaking death.
Whether this is a chain of events is inconclusive but both
situations were very tragic! Mr Theophilus Ojukwu has since been
sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole; that
one w ould ask, is the craze to control the RN's "legendary money-
faucet" enough for this tragedy and the life imprisonment
consequence thereof?

In another family-related violent incident involving a Nigerian, it
was reported in The Atlanta Journal-Constitutio n of March 8, 2006
that a Registered Nurse Roseline Unachukwu, 34, and her six children
were taken to the family violence shelter, Northwest YWCA in
Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, as a result of physical
violence. According to people with knowledge of the incident, the
poor lady escaped with her life from her husband's maniacal rage
with very severe cuts in her arms which she received while fending
off her husband's killer-rage. Her husband, Benjamin Unachukwu from
Nnewi, Anambra State , was taken to jail to face two criminal charges
with the kitchen-knife weapon of choice as evidence exhibit!

In Los Angeles California it was reported that a Nigerian RN wife
was brutally murdered by her husband. The viciousness of the attack
was such that the man eventually tied the dead body of his wife to
his truck and dragged her dead body through the roads and streets of
Southern California until=2 0her skull gave up its cranial contents.
He was eventually arrested, charged, tried and convicted for first
degree murder with special circumstance which carries the death
penalty! He is presently awaiting a date with the lethal injection
in a cold segregated death-row prison cell!

Only recently, one Nigeria RN woman living in Dallas Texas had this
to write on the Internet about her fellow estranged Nigerian
"I have been married to Mr. X (real name excluded by Icheoku as we
do not want to be a purveyor of this domestic madness) for 20years,
and had five children for him. I was married to him at the age of
18years, and joined him in Dallas from Nigeria after my high school.
For those 20years of marriage which can pass for 20years of bondage
and slavery, I have had to endure constant physical abuse, verbal
abuse, and emotional abuse and mental torture in the hands of Mr. X.
I am asking whosoever that=2 0reads my story to please send it out
to as many forums as they have access to. Silence they say is
golden. But if you are dealing with a mad, sad, disgruntled man like
Benjamin X, silence will no longer be golden".

And what could have driven a Nigerian wife to write such an
unflattering "oration" about her husband, one would ask? The answer
depends on who you ask. Is this couple close to the finish line?
Similarly, in Grand Prairie , Dallas , Texas , Mrs. Monireti Abeni
Akeredolu, (pictured below in her wedding with her killer-husband) a
46-year old Registered Nurse from Ondo State Nigeria met her
untimely death in the hands of her estranged husband, Mr. Ebenezer
Akeredolu, Sr., 48. According to the story, Mr. Akeredolu drove
several hundred miles from Georgia (where he had moved to nurse his
pains at loosing everything he had worked so hard for since coming
to the United States several decades ago) to Dallas and pumped
several bullet s into his ex-wife in day light, with so many people
watching the macabre spectacle. Mrs. Monireti died slumped in the
wheels of her SUV enroute to a birthday party in her honor – she had
just turned 46 a day before on September 7, 2005.

Not too long ago, also, on August 10, 2005 in Euless, a suburb of
Dallas, another frustrated Nigerian husband, 45-year old Johnny
Omorogieva from Edo State, Nigeria murdered his RN wife, Mrs. Isatu
Omorogieva, 35, also of Edo State by savagely striking her on the
head numerous times with a hammer in the full view of their 7-year
old screaming daughter.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma a yet to be fully authenticated report has it
that another Nigerian man recently bludgeoned his RN wife to death
while she was fast asleep; following a traumatic life which she has
subjected him to since turning into the majority bread winner of the
family following her graduating from a nursing program.
Another Nigerian nut-case, Mr. John Onwuka (pictured here right in
his orange prison jumpsuit) 49, from Akwete community of Ohafia
Bende Local Government Area of Abia State was charged with one count
each of homicide and use of a knife in the commission of a felony.
He stabbed his RN wife of twenty five years, Mrs Gloria Uchechi Anya
Onwuka age 42, fourteen times in her bedroom while she was getting
ready to go to work. She was a nurse manager. Mr. John Onwuka
committed this crime on the night of Saturday August 19, 2006 at the
home of his wife in Estate Drive , Farmington , Hampton , Virginia with
her children watching him act out his gory insanity.

"Yes I have killed the woman that messed my life up! A woman that
had destroyed me. I am at Shalom West, my name is Michael and am all
yours". With those words - a 911 call placed to the authorities,
another Nigeria man has joined the infamous heinous club of Nigerian
Men Wife Killers. Fifty year old Mr. Michael Collins Iheme (pictured
here left) of Hennepin Minnesota placed the call above few minutes
after shooting his twenty eight year old wife, Mrs. Anthonia
Eberechi iheme, the mother of his 4 year old boy and 3 year old
girl, to death. What is wrong with this crazed out Nigeria man was
that he lacked the stomach to take all the bullshit he was forced to
take by a typical Nigerian "Nurse" wife. However in as much as
Icheoku does not condone such misbehaviour of taking the life of
another, these Nigeria men who marry "fedexed" wives should better
watch it as what they bargained for might not necessarily always
come to fruition. There is no need
travelling to Africa to find a wife - if it is akaata, filpino.
latina mamacita, oke-bekee or even chinese that loves you, please
settle down with such a person. Your love for foofoo and egusi soup
is not enough to trade your happiness and possibly freedom when they
make you do the unthinkable like our Mr. Micahel Collins Iheme and

For the records, it would appear that majority of these uxoricides
occ urred in Dallas , Texas ! Leading to the question, whuz up Dallas ?
Is there any maniacal peculiarity with Nigerian men living in
Dallas ? Further, most of the victims were Registered Nurses which
forces one to ask is the "war over the purse" of who controls this
their "legendary treasure trove" enough reason to commit the most
heinous of all crimes?
Also the number of such homicides is rather
astronomical judging the sanctity of life-environment from which
majority of these homicidal maniacs come from back in Nigeria .
Admitted, that it is dreadfully wrong and also a sacrilege for
anyone to take the life of another, especially if that other was a
spouse; but what could be the driving factor of this senseless
exhibition of ravenous rage by some frustrated Nigerian men in the
United States of America ? This question is imperative because there
are other more acceptable options available for
getting out of a hellish marriage including just getting up and
leaving; mutual separation; taking a second wife just like the
Mormons of Texas, Utah and Nevada; becoming a bachelor once again;
keeping a girl friend outside your so called matrimonial home or the
penultimate divorce instead of committing the mother of all crimes -
taking the life of another! Nothing is worth it! Does the underlying
problem defy every solution imaginable? NO!=2 0Take a deep breath
and consider other options including the almighty walking-out!
Nothing is worth the trouble! Not all the diamonds in South Africa
and/or gold in Fort Knox ! The "mansion" which you are fighting for,
you did not bring it with you to America ? The SUV or Mercedes car
that is making you to loose your head, the manufacturing plant in
Stuttgart Germany has not yet closed shop! In your convoluted
suspicion that your wife is sleeping around because she dresses
well, ask yourself, where is the
foundational trust of your relationship and at worst, were you the
first man in her life? Did you break her virginity and why do you
think it is either you with her or nobody at all, that you will
rather have her dead than loose her to someone else? Have you also
tried getting professional counseling or earnestly engaging your
wife in an open discussion to find out what you may be doing wrong
and make amends where necessary. Have you tried temporary separation
for a cool-off period? At worst get an amicable divorce so that you
guys can remain friends for the benefit of the children! Before you
write that check which you cannot cash, please stop and ask
yourself, before you met her did you not have any life? It is not
worth it! Learn to move on; as around the next corner may be lurking
your real wife of "Christian marriage" who will really cherish and
love you for who you are! Your wife's leaving you is not the end of
the world as we know it! As the popular aphorism goes, "when one door closes another one is open
down the road". Nothing is worth the taking of life and not that of
a spouse who also is a Nigerian! PLEASE GET A LIFE!

Ezeamii, Hyacinth


Anonymous said...

The main cause of this irrational behaviour is because most Nigerian men, for some weird reason loose their self esteem as soon as the wife becomes an RN. They become very difficult and start making life a living hell for the woman all in the name of "control". Guess what! most of these women dont want to go to nursing school in the first place, but do so as a sacrifice for their family. To get at least one stable breadwinner in the family. Nursing school in the US is extrmely tedious & stressful and so is the job. Nigerian men become unreasonably demanding once their wife becomes a nurse, which further stresses the wife. It's all because most Nigerian men are too controlling.
My main opinion about these men is that they are very wicked. They are wicked by letting their selfish, abusive, controlling ego, allow them take mothers away from their own children. It is pathetic.
African men claim cthat counselling is for "Oyinbo", have they forgotten that back at home, what in-laws anf friends do by coming to talk to the couple is considered counselling.
Nigerian men, wake up, llet your women be, let your kids grow up with their mothers!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear All, People who read the journalist's reports on these killings will discover that in some areas--the writer sounds as if though he is blaming the women; in some areas the writer sounds as if though he was blaming the men. In general the writer appears to be more explicit on the names he was calling the actors. My position is that the phenomenon is despicable-- no human being will accept that killing someone can be condoned in any way except when someone is physically or obviously on his/her way to kill someone else---in that respect--the case of self-defense may apply. But we all must agree that sometimes in life, people do things that indeed kill other people directly or indirectly. As such, some times human beings--men or women launch a first strike if they feel that someone else is already on his/her way to kill the person one way or the other. An example will be the killing of the Supper-Star, Malvin Gay by his father--and other examples like that. But let it be clear, I do not give prescriptions for how to kill people--I do not kill people and do not intend to kill anyone or suggest that anyone should kill anyone for any reason whatsoever. What I was alluding to is that: as a community, Nigerians in America should no longer just be wondering, name-calling, when these killings occur: people must dig deeper than that to seek solutions. In the ancient times--when certain bad things began to happen, the ancients make special journeys to visit supper Oracles for solutions. In this modern time, as well, communities consult experts for solutions. The occurrence should be researched in order to get scientific data that will help our communities to device ways for solutions. Even just publicizing those gruesome pictures can make people to think twice when they are embarking on criminal schemes--both the men and the women. For quite some time now--most people who came from Africa have the feeling and belief that people from Africa cannot be as deadly as some Americans: they want to use American laws the ways it fits them, but pretend that they do not also know that Americans also, when people do them things that defy morality/humanity/ and rationality- -they some times as well snap and do strange things. For example, a woman who shot the man who raped her very young boy and the courts seemed to be handling the man in a softer way; we have seen lovers shoot people who seemed to put their hands in the mouth of the person they violated. Some Nigerian men who know clearly that our Nigerian laws forbid men going around (f----king/screwing ) peoples' wives, do it anyways simply because they factor that Nigerian people do not shoot. When you go to parties in this America--and in the party there are Americans and Nigerians in the party--the people Nigerian Coward men would openly be chasing are women with other Nigerians. It is not that they think that they are physically stronger than the Nigerian men who may be there with the women; it is simply because the bad Nigerian men are so cowardly that they just cannot dare mess with women with Americans openly. They know that Americans of all types will waste no minute in executing them, if the felt insulted by the Nigerian or any man in that matter. I have observed this in many states and places I have been. The same is the case with some of our women--some (bullshits they feed Nigerian men--are sometimes because they felt that Nigerian men are not violent--that they do not kill. While I will like an immediate stoppage to these senseless killings--I also hope that people who are still alive can take some lessens from what have happened so far. Do not dare anyone so badly! If you are a woman--once you know that you are doing certain things you would not have been doing ordinarily in our cultures to a man--do not be too sure of his resolve to endure; if you are a man--and doing bad things with the belief that American laws are on your side or easy on those things--do not be too sure about that. The man you are messing with his wife or the woman you are messing with could also possibly act like American-borns. One time in California, one woman whom people say was a pauper in Nigeria--but when one guy from her area went home, married and brought her here, trained her in nursing school; after she started making money she filed for divorce and took the houses, the children and so on. Although in a court of law--the system made the woman to be paying the guy back some money; but that woman had the habit of every place there is a party where she knows that the guy will be there--she goes there and be doing all sorts of things she could do to provoke the guy. We have not heard that anything happened, but I felt that the woman should have been more careful and take precaution than that. At least, try to avoid contacts with the guy to give the devil no chance. To prove that the woman may be the offender there--we have learned that she went home and remarried and brought a guy from Nigeria here--and the same thing that happened with her and the first guy happened again--and the newest guy fled off from her. I have criticized bad Nigerian men: I supported none of them. I am simply saying that--sometimes our people overdrive this their understanding of American ways of living--and it have been showing. There is one altruism, once there is a conflict--the parties to the conflict all have a share in the causes of that conflict one way or the other. The idea of blaming one party is absolutely wrong. For that reason, we need to research the phenomenon so that we can use the scientific finding to educate our people--both from home and those who are already here. IF NIGERIAN WOMEN IN NIGERIAN AND OUR MEN ARE SEEING THOSE PICTURES--THEY MUST HAVE LEARNED FEW THINGS FROM THERE. WHEN SOMEONE STAYS HERE AND KEEPS TELLING A WOMEN WHO IS STILL AT HOME THAT AMERICAN LAWS FAVOR WOMEN OR A NIGERIAN MAN WHO IS BEING UNDER ILLUSIONS OF WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS ABOUT, OR IS NOT, THE FATE OF THE MEN IN THE PICTURES MUST HAVE TOLD THEM ONE THING OR ANOTHER. THAT SOMETIMES--A NIGERIAN COULD ALSO ACT LIKE AMERICANS. IF SOMETHING IS NOT DONE--SOON, THE WOMEN WILL ALSO BEGIN TO DO WHAT AMERICAN WOMEN DO AS WELL. SWINDLING A MAN OR WOMAN WITH THE HOPE THAT ONE WILL GET WAY WITH IT--MAY BE BECOMING A THING OF THE PAST. LET US LEAVE ALL CHEATING; DUPING; SWINDLING; AND BE GOOD LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS OF AMERICA AND NIGERIA. As to Yoruba men--one of the men is a Yoruba man--this ugly event touched on all the major peoples of Nigeria--look at the names well. We may give the credit of not being among this evil by Hausa people to their women's culture. As you know that--the Hausas and Muslims maintain zero tolerance when it comes to a woman going "wild" if you like. Perhaps the answer to that question is that the people adhere to their culture even while here. If the Southerners and their Christian beliefs are too easy to transgress-- the Muslims and Hausas are not that way yet. I do not see Hausa men in this America their wives would prepare and head to parties alone as some Southerns wives do and many other things they know they could not do in Nigeria. The two most obvious bones of contention-- center on fidelity issues and money. We shall be saying more on this.
Jerry Stephens



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