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The review is ok but I think it is just a matter of semantics; what needed to be reviewed if possible is the deed (culture) and I promise you, it will be difficult.
Dedication,presentation etc. are cultures found mainly in the old testament which (the 'new wave')some Christians who do not accept infant baptism use in approaching the child to the church, Christian teachings and traditions.

It is also in many cases a integration of our African traditional 'NAMING CEREMONY' with Christian practices. The two ceremonies get interwoven and confused in many occasions I have attended. To make peace with my head I have always had my thoughts and prayers towards a child being welcomed or initiated into the community/tradition of his or her parents and of the Abacha, palmie etc that may follow afterwards i.e 'ITEM 7'
In the old times, infants do not enter the church until they are baptised.They are baptised at the back of the church or in a place detached from the consecrated church before they are presented or brought into the church (Nkubata Nwa). This is still being practiced in some of our parishes but without any imposition though. Even some of our church programs makes it that infants are baptised on ordinary days especially in the evenings.

I was thought and I believe that a child should be welcomed into Christianity and the Christian community through baptism and thought the ways of Christ. All other welcoming into the community/society-Christian etc with pomp and pageantry are also acceptable. Just watch out for 'Item 7' and peace will be with you.
FYI; Oluchi Emmanuela Chukwubike is already a Christian (baptised after birth).
We welcome her into the Christian community and Chukwubikes family.
Thank you once more TOU
Happy Sunday.
Chukwubike Okey.C

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Chinedu & family & the entire Chukwubikes


I just hit Abuja from Enugu and never had the news, I would have stayed one or two nights to attend.

Anyway I am there with you guys in spirit

May use this opportunity to correct an impression. At the last of meeting of CMO of Our Lady Queen of Nigeria, the issue of DEDICATION OR PRESENTATION OF CHILD was seriously reviewed and it was agreed that the correct position as Catholics was 'presentation'. May we especially Catholics take note of this.




You are cordially invited to the dedication mass of our new born baby-

Miss Oluchi Emmanuela Chukwubike at Abakpa Nike on Sunday 20th July 2008 .

Thanks giving and dedication Holy mass starts by 10.30am .

Reception follows immediatly at our (Chinedus') residence behind Silver&Gold hotel (Liberty) Nike.

You are all welcome.

Chinedu and Geraldine Chukwubike

08051155775/ 08053561445/ 042320215

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