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[NENWEONLINE] Re: This tyrant is still kissing his wife wh...

It was in the last point that he (Okwudili) came out of himself--or expressed his real assessment of Mugabe. His treatment of that point left me with no more to say about Mugabe. … JERRY.


Thanks for your effort, so far, in the Mugabe issue. You have done well, especially in detailing his crimes which I requested from you. You have not only stopped at that, but went further to pass judgment. It is now remaining sentencing the criminal (Mugabe) or pronouncing the consequential punishment for his crimes (peace crimes and not war crimes). I assure you that you will have more to say on Mugabe and Zimbabwe in this forum, and in fact the entire current geopolitics of Africa which Zimbabwe now represents as the contemporary theater. You will also talk on yaradua's crimes by the time the hooligans in the Niger delta has continued their assault on sovereign Nigeria nation as being encouraged by their western allies and the Government decidedly handles them.

I want to request for time to come back to you fully on this issue. However, for now I want to refer you to the unprecedented foreign economic Policy against a Sovereign Nation by USA , carefully crafted and presented in the USA 's Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act S.494 of 2001, which has brought untold hardship to the People of Zimbabwe. This Policy has paralyzed one of the fastest growing economics ( Zimbabwe ) in Africa and traumatized its people, but baptized by Westerners as remedy to Mugabe's crimes, and curiously sloganeered by some uninformed Born Africans living in western world. This policy is unprecedented and an act of atrocity against any nation in its history during peace time, and not even at war with itself, let alone when it is at war with other countries. It is unprecedented in the sense that even in the apex of the apartheid regime, the epitome of criminal regime against humanity in modern world, flagrantly practiced in then South Africa and former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ) by white rulers of British / European extraction, USA never thought of such Policy, let alone promulgating it. It is unprecedented because even at the height of the bipolar politics such was not promulgate against USSR or its allies by the United states of America . You may wish to look into economic growth indices of Zimbabwe before the land reform act and the aftermath sanctions by western countries, with regards to the root causes of what you now term the crimes of Mugabe or in lighter word obstinacy.

Furthermore, take time to research on the drama of how Britain in its renewed effort to re-colonize Africa and its resource has plotted coup to topple the Government in the 'Kuwait' of Africa – Equatorial Guinea, but this was single handedly stopped by Mugabe and has resulted to renewed effort to criminalize Mugabe. The coup plotters, including their British ring leaders, who are now in Mugabe's prison and will continue to be there has not only implicated Thatcher's son who sponsored it, but the entire British establishment. Thatcher's son is facing prosecution on his acts in this treasonable felony in South Africa and the entire British establishment has no other option to clean its name than to install a stooge in Zimbabwe , who will act to their dictates. This can not easily work out, except if Muagabe is dead.

It would also interest you to take time to look into the genesis of the land reform which is the issue. Research on this properly and do not on the surface come up with the idea of Mugabe giving the land to his friends, of course the lands would not have gone to his enemies in the first place. The land issue lingered for a long time and details will be given in this forum. The order to take the land from the white farmers was not a military fiat. It did not come overnight after the criminal or Mad man (Mugabe) had finished rounds of intoxicating kisses (not sex) in private or public with his wife or other concubines, the types that David had, including Urea's wife who later gave birth to Solomon (the wisest man on earth). It would be necessary to underline what Britain was to do or promised to do ab initio , but failed to do and after series of uneventful negotiation, before Mugabe and his government decided to taken due action on the land issue. It would be necessary to note that if the lands were not taken from the white farmers, there would be no sanctions, and Mugabe may not be a criminal as you have clearly said.

Uncle Jerry, you always sound a man of erudition and vast in history, religion, and you core area – philosophy. It would be interesting if further research on your part would reveal if this criminal (Mugabe) as you have labeled him, ie my beloved Mugabe and the long standing African strong man, is the longest ruling leader in history of all nations. I will quickly interject a question – Does it really matter how long a ruler stays in office or how happy his people are and what he achieved during his long stay in office? Apart from western democracy which the west wants practiced everywhere, except in Pakistan, where opponents are murdered openly by ruling government (Mrs Bhuto), not maimed as in Zimbabwe, does other forms of government dictate that the ruler be removed when he is still alife and doing well ? Even in the practiceof the so called western democracy, with US as example, is the leadership not in the hand of one person or linage, running from one European extraction to another? – Yes, the change from bush to cattle (sorry Clinton), etc, has not given power of leadership or guaranteed power to obama or any other person from other extraction, even the aborigine indians who owns America, even when the majority may favor them. Furthermore, the long rulership in the countries of the middle east has ran from one king to the other, each lasting for a very long time and has not caused hardship or criminalized the rulers, in as much as they dance to the tune of those who have permanent interest in their resources (oil).

I am not only prepared to take this discussion further, but need some time to 'battle', 'educate' or 'assist' you and your likes with a view to quickly remove or smash the blurred westernized magnifying prism glass which you have deliberately or erroneously decided to look through, judge with and sentence (not imprison) Africa and its leaders.

Thank you.

Mazi Clement Ebere

From: Jerry Stephens
Sent: 04 July 2008 02:07
"This may sound hypocritical, but the world is not a biblical theater. It is all about dollars and cents.Mugabe may be a hero today because he is giving back to his people their land. Just as all those Nigerians who clamored for foreigners to hands off the management of Nigerian infrastructure. History stands to judge us wrong, most of the time, when we rush to action instead of pursuing an articulate long range plan." Okwudili.

Dear All,

Okwudili did a good job in his piece below. However, I see his claim that the world is not a Biblical theater as a cliche. One of those comments that sound good at face value, but when subjected to brute logical assault, it collapses.

Yes, if we look at the world from the Machiavellian or Hobbesian political philosophical standpoints- -there may be some merits to the claim. For the sake of brevity, Hobbes and Machiavelli' s political treatises remain the most debated in academic history. We may not be able to exhaust the debates here. I can only refute the claim from the idea that Plato, the undisputed father of Western Philosophy; finally learned in a hard way that there is no such a thing as a clear-cut demarcation of politics and myths, religion, and traditional beliefs.

Just for now, among others, --every political system is governed hand-in-hand with religion or with that political system's Holy Books. Politicians use the words of the Holy Books and Bibles to campaign for their elections; swear into offices on the Bible; exercise religious rights day-in-and-out everywhere. So, it is hard to make the claim that the world is not a Biblical theater. The claim is practically false.

On the other hand, If we want to look at the claim from metaphysical angle; I ask the question, what type of world are we talking about then? Isn't man's greatest quest in this world-- the attempt to tame man from the vestages of the state of nature which Hobbes talked about? In other words, even if we make every earthly affair secular, what about the social contracts--Hobbes and John Locke gave to humanity? We contracted to hand in our natural rights to elected people; monarch, or a body who will govern us ethically, but if they failed to, we reserve our right to overthrow them etc. Even the greatest tyrants still use the Bible or its equivalent in other religions one way or the other.

Back to Hobbes: I agree with the author (Okwudilid) that--most of human being's deeds and endeavors are about their personal interests. Hobbes felt that way as well. One time in this website, I pointed out that social scientists proved that there is no such a thing as altruism; so many of our members debated me on that passionately. I welcomed their agitations because I had felt that there is such a thing as altruism--until I researched the subject deeper; now, I agreed with other scholars that all human acts that pass as altruism has subconscious or biological roots in their self interests. Let us leave this one here. Although I am happy that you (Okwudili) have/has confirmed that point perhaps unknowingly, or without thinking about it.

Okwodildi's last point is the most welcomed even though at the beginning--he started off praising Chief, Oleh's flawed exposition. Again, by mere observation, it is evident that Okwudili showed his real grasp of the point I made passionately against Mugabe. It was in the last point that he (Okwudili) came out of himself--or expressed his real assessment of Mugabe. His treatment of that point left me with no more to say about Mugabe. He got the issues very correct. He will not be able to withdraw that--since it has been written down on paper. No matter how he stated his points, that was what I have been hammering on. Indeed, Okwudidli said it more succinctly than I had ever stated the points about the Zimbabwean case and Mugabe. I encourage you to read Okwudili's analysis there instead of me writing more on it; let me touch on a different part of the debate.

Actually, anyone who researched the land issue in Zimbabwe will come out with the fact that Mugabe was giving some of the lands he got from the Whites to his friends. He did not embark on the land issues for so many years until the heat for him to quit the presidency gained momentum. Then, in order for him to win back the support of the masses; he turned to the slogan that he is trying to get lands back from the whites. Most literature I consulted -- from African studies data-bases and generally, showed that Mugabe had neglected the issue of land redistribution until very recently.

In conclusion, I refer you back to Okkwudili's analysis of Mugabe:

"Mugabe may be a hero today because he is giving back to his people their land. Just as all those Nigerians who clamored for foreigners to hands off the management of Nigerian infrastructure. History stands to judge us wrong, most of the time, when we rush to action instead of pursuing an articulate long range plan." Okwodili. Think about that.


On Wed, 7/2/08, Cornelius Ani wrote

Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 2:25 PM

An interesting exposition from the one and only Okwuruoha - a pointer to his title. I do not see why he should not be made the Okwuruoha of Nenwe. Consequently, I hereby propose that he becomes the official Okwuruoha of NOL and indeed Nenwei as a whole.

He captured vividly the case of the west and the rest of us.

It will be interesting to look at his writing alongside nature. Water follows the line of least resistance. I also know that "ebe uvo du bele ka aturu shi awa". The sheep will break through the weakest point in the fence.

As babies the first things we recognize is who is more likely to let us get away with issues. And when we find out, we utilize it to the fullest extent.

We are inclined to move in any direction that we perceive more favorable.

We change jobs for a reason that has nothing to do with humanitarian assistance but all to do with how best our interest will be better served.

My point is that the West is using their mastery of some aspects of nature to their advantage. When tomorrow comes and we wake up from our slumber, we will likewise behave. Even in our local politics and environment, instances abound of that pick and choose attitude.

This may sound hypocritical, but the world is not a biblical theater. It is all about dollars and cents.

Mugabe may be a hero today because he is giving back to his people their land. Just as all those Nigerians who clamored for foreigners to hands off the management of Nigerian infrastructure. History stands to judge us wrong, most of the time, when we rush to action instead of pursuing an articulate long range plan.

Today, NOL is sowing some seed. Just like the Nenwe Scholarship. Today, NOL and Nenwe Scholarship are reaping from the seeds sown when some of us were not born.

My concern here is that we have not even started tilling the soil while the west is busy harvesting bountifully and sowing.

Guess who is tilling the ground for the west.

Okwudili Ani
From: cyril oleh
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 10:40:00 AM


I have no problem who is kissing Mugabe or who is cheering while the kissing is going on. Gowon was having a regular bash at a time the Igbos were being exterminated from the face of the earth. One Miniere Amakiri reported it in the Tide Newspapers. That report earned him a clean shave with a broken bottle and 20 lashes of the cane on a bare bottocks.

During the June 12 1993 debacle, both Generals Abacha and his godfather, Babangida were pumping champagne under the rock in celebration of the confussion. The bottles were supplied by another Igbo, Arthur Nzeribe. A Nigerian weekly magazine reported it and got shut down.

Until recently, Obasanjo was reportedly kissing everyone who came his way including, now we know, Gbenga Obasanjo's wife, at a time Nigerians were groaning under his jack boot.

Mugabe is not one of my idols. But pray, is he the worst? What he has done was what Obasanjo tried to do: endless term. Abacha had succeeded until death came calling.

Please what is the difference between Mugabe and Pakistani president, Chief, Dr, sir, Musharaf? I guess I know the difference: One is friendly with the West and the other out favor with them.

Is there something called stereotypecasting and /or Predominant images of the west? Who determines who should face the War crimes Tribunal - West. What are the indices - western.

Does anybody know the story of Antonio Noriega? He was overthrown just about the time Okwudili and I were engaged in a heated argument in my family house at Agbada. Our point of differences was who is America to determine who is corrupt.

If Mugabe did not chase away the Oyibos from their farmlands in Zimbabwe , would anybody have cared that Zimbabweans werer suffering under Mugabe?

If oil stops flowing in the creeks of Niger delta today, will anybody care what goes on in here, even if Nigeria gets a Mugabe for a president?

Imagine how long it took the Queen to annul the knightship awarded Mugabe? After Mugabe had spent five previous terms as president? No one is focusing on Uganda now bec`ause the West is still mining diamonds. How long did Eyadema of` Togo rule his people?

Burkina Faso had a revolutionary leader, Thomas Sankara. The West sacrificed him because they were afraid of his Communist inclinations. They replaced him with a Murderer, Blaise Campaore. He is still there.

Democratic Republic of Congo has known no peace since the West sacrificed a Humanist leader, Patrice Lumumba for a despot, Mobutu Seseseko. It is not our interest, it is their interest.

I can go on and on on this issue. Demonize Mugabe or the West?
Chief Cyril Onyemaechi Oleh
Abuja - Nigeria

--- On Mon, 6/30/08, Chukwubike wrote:
From: Chukwubike
Date: Monday, June 30, 2008, 8:43 AM


The guy can kiss as many people (men and women) that would want to kiss him,We only ask him to allow accepted democracy take root in thet country.

I dare say that Mugabe may just be one of the worst dictators after Hitler but generally not too diffrent from many other leaders around now.

Read the message on this link which has attrated many private mails.

http://chukbyke. blogspot. com/2008/ 06/different- measuresthe- western-game. html


Dom 29/6/08, Jerry Stephens> ha scritto:

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, right, is kissed by his ...


Upon all the people Mugabe's security forces killed during this election, he is still spending time kissing his wife who was featured going to South Africa on Shopping spree aboard Zimbabwean commercial aircraft she commandeered- - when the poorest people in that country are dying of starvation. Jerry Sun Jun 29, 1:22 PM ET

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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, right, is kissed by his wife Grace, at his inauguration ceremony at State House in Harare , Sunday, June, 29, 2008. Mugabe was sworn in following a run off election in which he was the sole candidate following the withdrawal of Morgan Tsvangirai, the main opposition leader in Zimbabwe .

(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at his inauguration ceremony ...

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