Monday, June 30, 2008

This tyrant is still kissing his wife wh...

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I have no problem who is kissing Mugabe or who is cheering while the kissing is going on. Gowon was having a regular bash at a time the Igbos were being exterminated from the face of the earth. One Miniere Amakiri reported it in the Tide Newspapers. That report earned him a clean shave with a broken bottle and 20 lashes of the cane on a bare bottocks.

During the June 12 1993 debacle, both Generals Abacha and his godfather, Babangida were pumping champagne under the rock in celebration of the confussion. The bottles were supplied by another Igbo, Arthur Nzeribe. A Nigerian weekly magazine reported it and got shut down.

Until recently, Obasanjo was reportedly kissing everyone who came his way including, now we know, Gbenga Obasanjo's wife, at a time Nigerians were groaning under his jack boot.

Mugabe is not one of my idols. But pray, is he the worst? What he has done was what Obasanjo tried to do: endless term. Abacha had succeeded until death came calling.

Please what is the difference between Mugabe and Pakistani president, Chief, Dr, sir, Musharaf? I guess I know the difference: One is friendly with the West and the other out favor with them.

Is there something called stereotypecasting and /or Predominant images of the west? Who determines who should face the War crimes Tribunal - West. What are the indices - western.

Does anybody know the story of Antonio Noriega? He was overthrown just about the time Okwudili and I were engaged in a heated argument in my family house at Agbada. Our point of differences was who is America to determine who is corrupt.

If Mugabe did not chase away the Oyibos from their farmlands in Zimbabwe, would anybody have cared that Zimbabweans werer suffering under Mugabe?

If oil stops flowing in the creeks of Niger delta today, will anybody care what goes on in here, even if Nigeria gets a Mugabe for a president?

Imagine how long it took the Queen to annul the knightship awarded Mugabe? After Mugabe had spent five previous terms as president? No one is focusing on Uganda now bec`ause the West is still mining diamonds. How long did Eyadema of`Togo rule his people?

Burkina Faso had a revolutionary leader, Thomas Sankara. The West sacrificed him because they were afraid of his Communist inclinations. They replaced him with a Murderer, Blaise Campaore. He is still there.

Democratic Republic of Congo has known no peace since the West sacrificed a Humanist leader, Patrice Lumumba for a despot, Mobutu Seseseko. It is not our interest, it is their interest.

I can go on and on on this issue. Demonize Mugabe or the West?

Chief Cyril Onyemaechi Oleh
Abuja - Nigeria

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