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You must have heard, seen or know someone that is a victim of the on going daily sad news across Nigeria. 
In case you haven't, let me run a brief lines: 

  • Over 1,000 houses burnt in Kaduna in a clash between Muslims and Christians, 
  • Boko Haram kidnapped 110 Dapchi schools girls, 
  • Fulani herdsmen kill hundreds in Benue, set houses and farms aflame, 
  • Fulani herdsmen set Olu Falae's farm ablaze in Ondo, 
  • Fulani herdsmen kill scores at Nasarawa, 
  • Fulani herdsmen kill hundreds and burnt down house in Plateau, 
  • Gov. EL-Rufai paid the Fulani herdsmen to stop killings in Kaduna, but the killing continued.
  • Militants threatens to bomb oil pipe lines in Niger Delta, Militants clash with Nigerian army. 

I can go on and on and on.
But, just pause a minute, reflect back to history and ask yourself, what was actually the Biafrian War all about? 
The Biafra war was all about Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu drawing a map and saying all people of the old Eastern States, since you're being slaughtered like a fowl, come over to this land and be safe. Simple. 
But, Yakubu Gowon, Danjuma and the same people being slaughtered today refused. 

They abused the Igbo man and called us names. From Kaduna South, Jos Plateau, Benue to Nasarawa, men took up arms to force the Igbos back to Nigeria. 
One Nigeria we're, One Nigeria we remained.

Any true student of history will tell you that the nation has never been this divided. Even during the Nigerian Vs Biafra Civil War, you will discover that at a point, virtually all the other ethnic groups were united against the Igbo people.
So, it was a matter the Igbo verse the rest of Nigerians. This is unlike what is happening today, there's virtually division, identity crisis, ethnic division, extrem religious bigotism , cultural division along all the ethnic groups in Nigeria. Courtesy of Buhari, most of the people who use see themselves and belive that they're part and parcel of Northern Nigeria are feeling betrayed. They woke up in the middle of nowhere and they cannot explain what hit them. Nigeria today is a time bomb waiting to explode and another 4 years of Buhari leadership will set the nation on fire.
Before Buhari, the various ethnic groups in the north use to feel proud to be tagged and associated with northern Nigeria. But, since Buhari came to power, the level of killings going on in some part of Northern Nigeria has made most people from those areas to lose their sense of belonging.
The absolute absolute hegemony the Hausa/Fulani use to enjoy in the North. The One North philosophy has been rubbished.
The Nupes ethnic group located primarily in Kwara, Kogi who are the dominant group in Niger State, and in the Middle Belt who use to keep calm when they are counted as northern Nigeria, are feeling betrayed. They want a sperate identity from the Hausa-Fulani.
The Zaurus people in Kebbi State who are predominantly Christians, as a result of the persistent killings don't want to be associated with Hausas or Fulanis anymore.
The Igalas in Kogi state are not speared either, though they're in smaller numbers in Anambra, Edo, Enugu and Delta. And, they are predominantly Christians, they equally fought against biafria, but today feeling cheated and leftout, they don't want to be identified as Hausas or Fulanis
The Igbiras that found in Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa and Edo States who are predominantly Muslim, are equally being slaughtered by the Fulani herdsmen. They're equally now pushing for a strong case for the separation the Middle Belt from the north.
The Oculus people found in southern Kaduna are cursing their stars and regretting why they ever fought Biafra in favour of Nigeria. Over 50 years after, they are now sharing the biafrian ideology of demarcation of a safe land, where Fulanis cannot come and kill their people anyhow and take their lands.
The Alago and Idoma Nokwu people of Benue and Nasarawa States are in tears. Just few months ago their leaders were ridiculing Nnamdi Kanu and calling biafrian agitators jobless people. Today, courtesy of President's leadership that has brought about the worst insecurity in the history of the nation, they're are slaughtered like chicken. Their lands are being taken over by the Fulani herdsmen, being aided by the federal forces. They have joined the Biafrian ideology train. They want a nation of their own.
The Egom who are found in Nasarawa, Kaduna & Benue States, have seen fire. Destruction and killings is the thank you they got from the Hausa-Fulani people for their support. Given another chance, am sure they will not fight the war on Nigerian side.
The Bajjus in southern Kaduna who are predominately Christians are being slaughtered by the same Hausa-Fulani they supported. They too now share the Biafrian ideology. So also Kaninkon people who are found in southern Kaduna.
We take a trip to the Bassas who are found Plateau and some parts Kogi State, and ask them how far? How is their One Nigeria doing them for body?
One of the worst hit are the Tivs, Idomas and Igedes from Benue State. As the security agencies look the other way, Fulani herdsmen are killing them and taking over their lands. The doctrine of One Nigeria sounds like a nightmare to them now. While the Biafrian ideology has started to look ideal.
As we land in Taraba State, we will first of all pay a courtesy call to the palace of Gen. Theophilous Danjuma and and ask him, how market? This is because of what the Wurkums from Taraba has been going through in the hands of the Hausa-Fulani.
All also feeling betrayed and being slaugthered by the Fulani herdsmen are the Nupes, Babur, Margi, Kilba, Lunguda and Michiko people who are found in Borno  &Adamawa. The same faith is what is confronting Kare-Kare, Bole, Tangale and waja people from Yobe and Gombe.
Now, this systematic ethnic cleansing are being targeted at communities in the old North, who fought on the side of Nigeria only crime today is that they're northern Christians mostly, and that they're not cure Hausa-Fulani.  
Most northern leaders has noticed that the Buhari regime is deeply dividing the old north as they use to know it. They're aware that in time to come, in the not too distance future, this division will come to hurt the electoral power of the north. 
What the South is going through under Buhari is temporal, but, in time to come there is likely going to be a joining of forces by these ethnicities that are feeling betrayed in the north. They are going to reject Nigeria as it is presently constituated, they're already asking for a restructured Nigeria. 
It was the same thing Ojukwu asked for in Aburi and insisted on that they gathered to fight him that they're waking up over 50 years after to request. Now we are all Biafrian

You can call it restructuring or what may fancy you. The truth is that four more years of Buhari, and the herdsmen killings will get worst in their attempt to gain as much grounds and villages they can before Buhari leaves power. There's going to be so much tension in the land that the same people today who are rejecting restructuring will go on their knees begging for it, and it will be nowhere to be found. 
Now that we are all Biafrians why don't we come together and first  render an apology to the Igbo man. He was an oracle that saw tomorrow.
©Peter Agba Kalu

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