Saturday, December 23, 2017


About the on going INNOSONS  case  with EFCC (should  be GT Bank), the Igbos  are once more being called names and accused especially by some half baked journalists  for ' over expressing  tribal sentiments and crying wolves' .The condemnation by the Deputy senate President and some SE  senators earned  them been singled out as unpatriotic,though many well meaning politicians  from the north also condemned the disrespect of law by the EFCC. As  usual many stories  are trending on the (IGBO) Social  media, especially  many venting their anger on GTBank which they believe is using the EFCC to destroy their  or our (Nigerian)  prime pride in industrialisation.

Well the Igbos or South Easterners may be called anything but what would  you think or how could you behave  when the person doing the arrest or whatever is  imposed on the nation by what may not want to associate with  tribal sentiments or Cabal and occupying a position unconstitutionally(not undergoing due processes ):having been rejected  by the senate, therefore illegally imposed on the nation? 
Did those talking of Igbo tribal sentiments think of this?If they did,may I know their views?
I doubt a real  Igbo person  would be ashamed to accept that he reasons as an Igbo person. I have Igbo origin and I admit that I am also  influenced by the Igbo philosophy or philosophies just like that of the other places I have had reasonable learning process period, i.e  places I have lived including Nigeria which though is still a disappointment but is home to  the most wonderful peoples on earth.
Why then should I be  embarrassed  by the rantings of a culture-less 'EFEKEFE' (nonentities) who wants me to swallow every rubbish as not to be tagged an Igbo sentimentalist. He better look  for his own philosophies and be proud of it.

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