Friday, December 1, 2017



After seeing the few photographs  recently  coming from Libya  and the hypocritical out cry from African countries especially Nigeria I would like us to answer some of  these questions:
  • HOW, WHY AND FROM WHERE DID THEY GET THERE? As we wail and curse Libyans  we ask ourselves and the govt,why,how and from where did they get there? Is this the first time we are hearing of this phenomenon? Is it cheaper for the govt to send plans to cart away her citizens than making  correct educational policies that would mould out prepared, productive  and employable youths to face the present world economic changes ? Why are the victims people predominantly from a particular geographical area ? 
  • IS IT OUR FIRST TIME OF SEEING SLAVES ? Is it not hypocrisy of the highest level to deny we are not all slave mongers? From our Clergy,politicians,civil servants,business people and even to  our Nollywood and entertainment people: the neo-bourgeois  we have been shouting at the Libyans but just take a second and  have a look in your household and around you  now and tell me if  you do not have one or two 'slaves'? Are you not deceiving your conscience with the employment or the  'assisting a relation that would have been in a worse situation' reason? Those Libyan animals have exactly the same reasons like you.  Are you treating him or her  like your child or if employed are you following the govt regulations in time and stipend ? Tell me now are you a slave monger or not? Are we not all Libyans on different levels with different reasons/motives?
  • HAVE WE NOT SENT OUT SLAVES TO WORK FOR US? As we enslave in Nigeria do we (those that have cash)  not send our brothers and sisters to other countries to go and 'survive' there? Do we not sell lands and other properties to send untrained, unskilled  and unemployable people overseas? To do what?  Do we not curse them when they do not send cash ,cars or build houses in their first years overseas  still knowing  that even the hosts and employers do not even boast of such at the same short time? Do we not  NOW in our churches, cultural places and placements  show more apparent respect to those that enslaved themselves more and made money more and quicker for that maatter?
  • Are you not deceiving yourself when you (especially those from the Mid-western states) believe that your daughter with ring worms on her head,without even a complete high school education is going to Italy through the Sahara desert and Mediterranean sea to work in an Italian restaurant?  Can you see now who the slave monger is? He is not the Libyan certainly; that Libyan rapist  is just  a criminal managing the slaves you sent to him.
  • TO BE CONTINUED.........
Chukwubike Okey C (works in the Italian migration services for 16 years) 

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