Tuesday, October 17, 2017

BRIEF HISTORY: The people the Empire and the Kings ...DEJA VU

Everyday that passes  most Igbo rulers  expose their ignorance of history through their arrogant or outright unimaginable actions. 
Most of them  forget that some  ways  of governance  can never go down with  Igbo people even in one million years to come

They forget the mistake of the colonial masters that came and imposed rulers, chiefs and kings   on Igbo people forgetting that they had their ways of  administration. They thought  "since  it was working in the north it would  work  for  everyone, afterall all of them were just BLACK and PRIMITIVE" .

They forgot what history thought us:  that most of these rulers  then lost their senses  and became semi Gods  serving just the MASTERS (The British Empire) only.
They also forgot that some communities like mine (our great grand father et al) took the "WRONG" decision  of taking  back their honour and lives through beheading in the Market place their imposed  ruler   and helping  the assailants  to escape to far away lands.  This  however attracted he wrath of the EMPIRE which came and imposed inhumane conditions  which the people not very  tactically refused and rather challenged the EMPIRE  by killing the first batch of the Empires soldiers. The empire came down with her Army and unmatched Fire -power and decimated my people. Their number decreased but their spirits to manage their destiny increased . They even as of then started to talk of the the good governance in a distant Cameroon by the Germans and expressed their wish to have the Germans come down to help them. The hammer of the empire fell on them again for this "assertions and day dreams" 

We remember our history  but these present rulers  don't remember their history and the history of governance. The fire power of the 'present EMPIRE' is deceiving them to forgetting  the biological aspect of being,actions  and behaviour  i.e that the mutation of the DNA takes a long and lengthy process though we all have learnt and advocate  for non violent  and less savage ways of doing things.
The set is the same now and the people are watching !

The people  are the Igbo people  and the story happened in  Nenwe  and to Nenwepeople of Igboland of the Federal Republic of Nigeria .

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