Saturday, April 16, 2016


When things happen  we try to ask  many questions and seek answers (sometimes superficial)  to satisfy ourselves.  Since  the news of your death  came  to us we have not  been able to  find  any answer or answers  to the simple   question; why? No matter how much  we try to philosophize  on life and death . However as Christians  and Igbos  we know  that all powers   and decisions  on  and in our life are sanctioned by God- Uchechukwu- and  with this  we  continue  to praise His mighty name, ask for His mercies  and love , submit  to wish till the last day.
Simon , I believe you  have served God  well  here on earth and He loves you and wants  you to join Him now  in His kingdom: this is the only answer I can deduce   after looking back to the much I know of  you. We thank God  for all his mercies and for  giving you to us  and using you to touch so many people in so many  positive ways. May His wish always be done on all of us  amen. May your soul rest with the Lord for ever and ever amen.
My friendship  with  you which transmuted more than  being a brother is traced back to our common friend Ralph Obioma  who many years  ago invited us among others  for a picnic in the ‘selva di Paliano’. It was ‘love at first sight’,  but  women  being  always a step ahead realized they met each other (without much note) in the Italian embassy Lagos in 1992 as she was applying for her  visa to join me.  Since that day the both families became one  and shared all the moments (good and bad )that occur in the families  together. Thank you so much  for always being there for us  and  for all that were around you or came to you; as I said earlier  you were a blessing to many.
The children grew up and when your daughter presented an Enugu person to  you as her suitor you didn’t say a word until you heard from me. You passed her through my family to the young man as the Igbo tradition demands .Oh God what an honor what a trust and what an assignment ! We promise  as we promised the first day to look after your gems,  your queen our wife Adanna and her siblings also to the best we can. Ezigbo Ogo laa nke oma !
The Enugu  (Wawa) communities  in Italy especially Lazio region are devastated. Gaa nke oma our Ezigbo Ogo , as they call you, your beloved wife and all the Okwelle  people  they  see. Know it as you go that your daughter is a good ambassador  in our home.
  My able ‘AMBASSADOR’ we wish you farewell. We fondly called  (nicknamed) you AMBASSADOR not because  you worked at the embassy but because of  the sincere, godly, committed  and able manner you handled all cases and situations presented to you especially concerning the family and community.  Our ambassador   we miss you so dearly. The communities, associations both religious and laity are really mourning, but God knows the best.
I call on the immediate family, Okwele  people in Italy and at home,  his son  in-law Ikenna (who he greatly loved) though humanly it is a hard blow  but we all have to accept Gods wish , it is a blow on all of us. Let us take solace that Simon lived a fulfilled life fearing God  and that he will have mercy on him and accept him in His bosom. May the soul of Simon Ebonine  and the souls of all departed rest in peace Amen.
From ,
Your friend
Charles O Chukwubike  & family
(Cisterna di Latina)

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