Tuesday, August 12, 2014

FAITH & NATURE....The discussion ...on EBOLA

What would you say to a friend who wants to bring along an EBOLA suspected patient to ‘AN ADORATION GROUND’ this weekend? — withCharles Okey Chukwubike and 2 others.
  • You, Charles Okey Chukwubike and Foto Thought like this.
  • Gift Precious D house of God is too powerful for such disease, d lord almighty wil nt allow d virsus to spread in church premises, bcus his house is a holy place nt house of sickness
  • Charles Okey Chukwubike Gift Precious...& co ;Premise: WITH GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE 
    Thanks for your immediate response; it is typical. However, we have to ask ourselves why Popes, Bishops, High Priests and other ‘men of God’ die even on their temples and alters
     (of God) ,some due to diseases, sickness old age etc? Did God desert his house for a moment? Are our houses not houses of God? 
    There is a great relationship between FAITH and NATURE and both respect each other.
    I give you an example that might open a way to answering the question asked ;
    When there was the international outbreak of MAD COW disease years ago many Bishops in Europe gave orders that HOLY COMMUNION the body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ should not be dispensed directly to the (mouth) tongues. The church did not criticize that rather it is norm in many parts of the world to take the communion in your palms and put in your mouth, even in the Vatican city. No matter how expert a priest might be, in every 30 communions dispensed through tongue he may have mistakenly touched the saliva of a faithful which he inadvertently passes on to the next person; This error most times come from the person receiving the communion and not the priest. Do you think any disease from that saliva is automatically annulled by that communion ? The BODY and BLOOD of our LORD performs a lot of miracle in our lives but he also gave us some intelligence by creating God fearing scientists.
    It might sound SACRILEGIOUS to mention this in Nigeria, and the CATHOLIC church is the same with its Head in the VATICAN CITY.
  • Chukwu Jonathan It is not advisable at all for now please!!! ; and more vigorous publicity should be made to educating people on the did and don'ts about this disease. We don't need to tempt God nor nature . It is a communicable deadly disease without proper vaccine at the moment , so total caution should be made to avoid rapid spread of the virus in the name of Church !! It's a pity that lots of people have not fully seen or understood the catastrophic nature of Ebola Disease, Although with God we shall always over come like other historical diseases that came some years back ..
  • Gift Precious Wat u shuld hav in mind is dat, this is endtime so many tins ar happening, first it was Athrax after den sars, bird flu, lassa fever nw is Ebola virus another one wil stil comeout after dis one, we ar in world, all we need nw is get close to God.

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