Monday, November 4, 2013


Yeah !!!! today is our birthday/ Saint Charles  day  and many of you would like to send  some wishes and gifts across  to me: ok don’t stress yourself so much nor send  those’ HBD’ (an  ambiguous   abbreviation…can as well mean Have  a Bad Day ) hahahah .

 All you have to do is to  top up my phone   with any amount; Usa At &T, Italian TIM or Wind, British Voda ,Cameroonian Orange,  Romanian Voda,Norwegian Telestial  or  Tele 2, NigeriaMTN,ETISALAT,VISAFON,AIRTEL;GLO.  If you don’t have any of my numbers in this country ,,,ok remind me and I shall send across my number in the country you reside.

Now  my good ladies and gentlemen who always run about looking for gifts for  me and coming  back home  with good reasons of not knowing what to give….here  you  are hahahahahahahah !!!!.
Meanwhile I wish the most beautiful and best wife in the  world  (Madam Ndidi-name and fact)a happy  birthday. !!

 I wish you all a very nice day and thanks  for  your   wishes both on FB.

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