Monday, January 12, 2009


As we watch the onslaught in GAZA (Palestine) one is dismayed and shocked by the pictures, but wait.. I sat back to analyse some of the details and I was more dismayed by the sensation of envy or jealousy that overcame me as a Nigerian. I am not a sadist.

  • I saw an old woman getting water from a tap in a half bombed home. Good God!!! How many homes do we have running water in 'Peaceful' Nigeria?
  • How many ambulances do we have in Nigeria for 145 million African giants? I imagined all the road accident 'rescues' I have witnessed in Peace time Nigeria an I thought i never imagined them...... BTW when was the last time you saw an ambulance rushing to an accident scene in any part of Nigeria?
  • The next scene sent me crying not for Palestinians only but for Lagosians, Coal city -Enugu etc populace.....alas a family at the underground part of their home were reading the Koran with a light from electricity (not from a generator) and were telling the press man that the nearby blocks are in darkness and suffering because their power transformer was rocketed a day earlier. My heart broke when I thought of Nigeria (NEPA) or whatever and the whole infrastructure at the services of the GIANT OF AFRICA. I wondered who 'rocketed' all the transformers in Nigeria?
  • FIREMEN ; This is a professional figure children in Nigeria know from their books and TV programs. In a bus stop at Enugu (fire service) i.e. after Enugu zoo, a boy of 13 in the bus with me asked why it was called such a name. I told him some 'before the war' stories of Enugu fire service. Now he will see them in Gaza withtheir water hoses.
I better stop here and hope not to see Nigerians migrating to Gaza tomorrow or at least until peace comes back there.
I stand to be corrected or calmed of this 'macabrous Envy or thoughts'
Long live Nigeria and peace to the Middle East

Charles Okey Chukbyke



Chuks, this is a very provocative piece and I get it.. I never thought about Nigeria from this perspective, but reading your post forces me to realize that we have a long way to go. The reality, as you cleverly revealed, is that even though the people of Gaza are suffering during this war, they still seem to have the basics that the average Nigerian continues to lack in a peaceful Nigeria.

God have mercy.

G@ttoGiallo said...

Yep, you go straight to essential things...

Good Naija Girl said...

Honestly...this is such great food for thought, and sad in a way.

Simona said...

What you say is 100% true, Nigeria is going through all this and even more, it's depressing to see that a mighty country with so many good peopleliving in it is going through this walhalla in time of peace.



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