Monday, January 5, 2009



Many times while discharging my duties as a mediator I have heard this phrase from quarrelling Nigerians and Ghanaians, sometime even directed to me.

Nigerians take it for granted and strongly believe that you must understand all they say and all jargons from Nigeria since you are a Nigerian and they get irritated explaining further.

‘Dis one pass me oo anyway’;

My questions are:

Is it being recommended that I be DELIVERED FROM or TO, WHERE ? Second, by who?

Someone heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!


Afrobabe said...


I told a brazilian friend who had just lost her grandad that it is well....she looked at me with disbelieve and asked me how I could say it was well when grandpa just died...I didnt have any answer at all at all...

Happy new year babes...

MAN OF GOD? said...

Be careful.
They may deliver you to devil.
That is the only deliverance I have seen in Nigerian 'men of god' , that is when they are not 'delivering' your money to their pockets....

Anonymous said...

Hey I left something for you on my blog...

Happy New Years!



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