Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well well, for foreigner living in Italy today it was a double sweet sensation to see Obama and family greet the nation as the USA President elect.
The joy was general even within the Chines community noted for their withdrawn attitude to things that do not connect them and their business directly. All foreigners found a point of unity in this victory.

The exchange of congratulatory compliments and greetings , feasts , offers of coffees and drinks in bars and pizzerias were fantastic. Every black (even Indians etc) person in the community I live was a toast . I think I have at least a paid coffee in each of the 25 bars in the area I live .

The average Italian was happy because Obama represented hope ; something that is becoming more elusive daily here in Italy. '.......He is handsome, elegant, energetic, intelligent and a new unifying personality a sign of equality, liberty, democracy and freedom that has not been full established for us Italians,,,' said some of the young people I spoke with at work.

Most people liked him "... just because P.M Berlusconi didn't like him...." Berlusconi was the only European Head of state that declared openly his preference for MacCain during the campaign.
Others Italians just didn't care for anything but the fact that someone was able to "...interrupt Bushissmo...." which they feared McCain may have continued to propagate.

Therefore ladies and gentlemen, not every Italian is Silivio or Gasapperi
. As usual the politicians here speak and act different from those who elected them.
Click on the links below and read some of their reactions. Our English might not be the best , but it is a part of the fun......

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