Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to our Moderator

Dear Ikenna,Larry & all,
Thank you for the birthday wishes.
My birthday announcement sounded like a 'coded word ' for the victory of Obama, but it was really my birth day.. that of Ndy and St Charles day i.e 4th November. You can imagine there were and still are many things to celebrate.

I am still riding high on Obamas' victory, other celebrations will follow as soon as time permits.
Ikenna, I am flattered by your words.'uno fa quello che può' 0ne does what he can.
Thank you onec more.

Dear Charles,

I join the train of congratulations to wish you a wonderful birthday and many wonderful and prosperous years ahead.


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Subject: [NIGERIAN_DIASPORA] Happy Birthday to our Moderator

Dear Charles and all,
Sometimes they say age is a question of number but we have very often neglected the fact that in our fast paced world today...everything is reducible to number. Oga Charly has added one to whichever number he had before and it is my pleasure as a friend and a member of this forum to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY RETURNS. I am not given to praises, but praises withheld when they are due is a kind of injustice. Charles has served this community in a way that has actually raised the standard of our communication and relationships in the community and beyond. Through this forum, people have been linked up from many parts of the world. No matter how you think you are getting to receive too much of what is sent, imagine the effort and resilience that goes into making me and you focused on the the real events about us and around us.
Oga Charly, if we divide the number of your posts to this forum by the number of your years, i am almost certain that the ratio will show both the mental and physical resources you have put into this among many of your other interesting ventures.
I wish you a fulfilling life ahead. It is obvious that your loved ones have contributed immensely and still do contribute to the quality of life you live today. Extend our love and affection to them in the most sincere way and keep the flag flying. It is not for nothing that we call you moderator... you have demonstrated that even though we are in an unfriendly environment like Italy...yet we can...and really yes we can....
History...your birthday and the day the first black man was elected into the white a testimony to the history you can make.
Once again...happy birthday and many more years.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.....

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