Sunday, October 26, 2008


As I was driving down south from Rome towards Napoli (Naples) through the Appian road it was compelling to notice a couple of these SEXY SHOPS in some villages. It is not a common sight here in Italy to see such shops. I think the number of these shops in the whole of Italy are still less than what you would find in Berlin or Frankfurt (Germany) alone in the early ‘90s .
In those early school days I had in many occasions ‘curioused’ into some of them with my friend. She was the typical type that wanted to see everything. All strange things ,do strange things especially doing usual things at unusual places –Manheim –Düsseldorf boats, Frankfurt-Berlin flights, Koln cathedral, Heidelberg castle, night buses etc. I do not think hell fire is as close as they say or she would have paid and tried to see how it would feel experiencing ….….there . Too ‘strange’ for her youthful age. However, no regrets; God must have pardoned all since then, It don far well well and remember “..father pardon them for they do not know what they are doing….” better done then than now.

Last Thursday at this town on Appian road I was flagged down by the ‘Squadra mobile’ (anti crime police ) who claimed my speed makes me suspicious -135km per/hr instead of the maximum 80km/hr on that road which can be translated to minus 5 points on my licence . I denied their claims and rather claimed I was moving within limits. I was sure almost all anti crime squads may have all equipments in the world to fight criminals in their car but do not carry about simple court acceptable speed measuring instruments therefore there may not have a legally acceptable prove of my speed. They were almost right though..shhhhhhhsss. I was saved further embarrassments and arguments by an officer who arrived there and turned to be someone who worked with me once in an anti prostitution campaign (he was almost falling in love with a young Benin (teeneger) girl who was always giving him troubles during operations).

Sorry for living my SEXY SHOP story, but the short of it was that the scene of this show was opposite a nice Sex Shop and it brought back a lot of memories and questions. What type of people work in a sex shop? i.e their psyche ? Their physical constitution? I wonder if someone like me can last for two hours inside such a place without causing havoc to people or myself at least hahahah, probably it may have ‘the nudist beach effect’ on me. As a boy we ‘curioused’ to the nudist beach south of Ostia Lido (Rome) with Obi, Luca, Paolo etc, we were the only few that wore pants. I thought I would be embarrassed to hell by some enraged cobra under me …. But the opposite was the case: The embarrassment was the size of the frightened and embarrassed cobra… hahahaha
Do we have SEXY SHOPS in Nigeria?


Parakeet said...

So who are people like you? Big question.

Anyhoos I think there may be sexy shops in Nija if they can openly advertise sex objects in the papers. People who work in sexy shops I believe are people who just wanna earn a living.

Many thanks for doing a great job of checking up on me.

OKEY.CC said...

Heeey Parakeet!!
wetin now?

People like me?
That is not my problem/question but that of other minds. It is yours. you see people depending on who you are. Now it is my problem to know about this biz and those who do it.

Seriously.. I am a curious (teacher)person always wanting to know,teach and sin as less as possible.



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