Sunday, September 7, 2008


For those who  do not speak Italian the summary  of the story below is:

A 27   year old Nigerian lady resident in Italy was travelling in an EuroStar  train   without  a valid  ticket. The train  controller  a 53 years old Italian gave  her the option of having sex with him  for the  ticket. Sex took place in one of the cabins and after the abuse  the  lady  reported to her partner who was travelling in another  wagon, The partner called 113 (the police) on his phone. At the  bologna  station the train  controller was arrested by the police . he denied all  the  Nigerian lady accused her of ,however, Trainitalia  Spa has suspended him  for 60 day  awaiting more investigations  before other actions may be taken.


BOLOGNA  - Un capotreno di 53 anni, di origine campana ma residente a Milano, è stato denunciato dalla Polfer per aver preteso una prestazione sessuale da una passeggera scoperta a viaggiare su un treno senza biglietto. L'uomo è stato sospeso in via cautelativa da Trenitalia. Il fatto è successo lo scorso 21 agosto. La donna, una ragazza nigeriana di 27 anni regolare in Italia, stava viaggiando sul convoglio 9417, un Eurostar Milano-Lecce, quando nella tarda mattinata - transitando nella zona di Reggio Emilia - è incappata nel controllo del biglietto. Il dipendente di Trenitalia, quando ha capito che la giovane non aveva il tagliando, ha spiegato alla donna che se voleva evitare le conseguenze del mancato pagamento del biglietto poteva appartarsi con lui per una prestazione sessuale. Prestazione effettivamente consumata poco dopo - sempre stando al racconto della donna - in un locale appartato in uno scomparto nella parte posteriore del convoglio. 

Dopo aver subito l'abuso però la donna ha subito avvisato il compagno (che viaggiava sullo stesso treno, ma separato da lei) che a sua volta ha chiamato con il telefono cellulare il 113. A quel punto - il treno era già a ridosso della stazione ferroviaria di Bologna - sono intervenuti gli uomini della Polfer del capoluogo emiliano. I poliziotti hanno raccolto i racconti di entrambi. 

Lui ha negato ogni addebito, lei invece ha fornito particolari precisi della vicenda. Alla fine la polizia ferroviaria ha denunciato l'uomo all'autorità giudiziaria per concussione sessuale. Sulla vicenda erano subito intervenute, il giorno dopo, le Ferrovie dello Stato, con una nota in cui spiegavano che il Gruppo, informato dell'episodio di "presunto tentativo di molestie sessuali" aveva "immediatamente avviato i necessari accertamenti per chiarire la dinamica dei fatti. Qualora fosse accertata la responsabilità del dipendente saranno adottati i provvedimenti disciplinari previsti". L'uomo è stato effettivamente sospeso in via cautelare per 60 giorni. In attesa che si completi l'accertamento dei fatti Trenitalia, alla luce degli elementi acquisiti, ha ritenuto opportuno applicare il provvedimento.

Ladies and gentlemen;

The story as  told in the Italian dailies has a lot of omissions  which anyone  in the community or some of us working with  the immigration  and immigrants will easily notice. However, the investigations are for the police ,who  are  believed to be  better prepared for the job.

I explain in brief  just only two   major dynamics in this sort of case (if we  may call it a case).


1.First; some of the immigrant girls especially Nigerians, Rumanians, Ukraine  and south American who are clandestine  or not regular with immigration  documents caught without a valid travelling ticket by the TRAIN ITALIA CONTROLLERS   are often  threatened  and intimidated  with  handing them over to the police  at the next stop if the they do not have sex in the train with the train  operators and sometimes with their  friends also. I have over heard at my desk or during colloquium   some people who painfully accepted to 'play the game' instead of finding themselves in their countries just for an unpaid  train ticket!!!!!


2.Second; there are many girls  still from most of the countries  I named above  who deliberately  travel without tickets  because they have their TRAINITALIA men on board. These  ladies are mostly prostitutes going or returning  from  'work' (I dare not say it is not  work or I might run the risk of loosing any election in the community even to a Russian), These train men give them the correct time  they have to take the train and find them. I have also learnt of the train men organizing their friends to  board the train for a 'discounted show' and in turn these girls also indicate  as many people as they like that may not pay the train  fare for that trip…............'flying  (travelling) to her patronage'; I do not mean to blaspheme.


You can see it  is a business or game some  train  operators and some  hustlers (prostitutes)  play.

My brother  me I dey pay my ticket every time ooo.

Chukwubike Okey Charles

(Cultural Mediator)



Lady A said...

Wow, I have no comment. Don't know what to say. I have heard of such, but I just hope that these girls are more careful. IT's too dangerous out there.

Anonymous said...

Tell me story!!!!
This is bad.Though it is a difficult ground since some go for it and others are forced, intimidated/threatened to the act.
What are you people doing to protect the weaker once?

NOL said...

Greetings to all,
Any time stories of these bad things happening to some Nigerians abroad featured, it pains every meaningful or rational Nigerian everywhere. To me, it is always a constant reminder of the failures of the people who claim to be ruling Nigeria in recent history. The second thing I personally attribute some of these maladies to, is the moral decay of the country. A situation where, normal ways through which human beings earn their living in all the progressing countries--have been thrown over-board. If one talks or writes about how he/she is following up life in normal sequences, people will use all these their gabages to try to eclipse the write-ups or talks; instead, they will be glorifying and upholding criminality and sense of animalism. Our hearts go for all the Nigerians who genuinely suffer abuses they did nothing to attract to themselves.

On the second observation, I must ask, in the case of the woman who gave sex to the train operator in Italy, should that be a surprise? Some times, let us be objective! Even in Nigerian in the old days: in the villages, if someone keeps trashing rules of communities and instituting his/her own rules, that person should expect some of all these vile sounding actions that follow those violations. When one knowingly does things that exposes that person to some dangers--when the danger occurs--I wonder why it should be surprising to any rational person or people. If someone decides to start wangling his/her ways to the outside of Nigeria: that person must have already made the calculation that there will be prizes to pay for them.

What happened to the Nigerian girl who rode on the train in Italy is comparable to the Americans who accepted to help 419ers carry-over and bank dubious monies here in America-- and in the process, the Americans got ripped-off; do such Americans deserve sympathy of good people? From me, the answer is hell no!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! As long as they (the Americans) knew that what they were embarking on was or were criminal enterprises, they should realize that when one starts eating with the devil--he/she must either use a long spoon or be ready to be dealt with by the devil in any form the devil chooses at any time.

The Italian train operator is being charged in order to maintain Italian decent laws and Italian image--how does the woman or Nigerian girl who entered a train without paying and making sure that she played by the rules of entering the train, now try to go to the law--when she herself is a criminal? The train is perhaps being ran with tax-payer's money: riders supposed to pay for their ride, she decides to use the train probably to go and do her own job (whatever that may be), she ought to pay the fare for the ride--not to even pay the train operator with anything. The train operator is being paid salary. Italy is not Nigeria where most people take themselves to be part of government treasury (stealing government monies and keeping illegally) --the train operator should not be corrupted by the Nigerian girl. Both of them need to be punished by the Italian government-- they are criminals. Until we start telling them as they are--things will remain as they are. Stay in Nigerian if you do not have the means to function lawfully in another country. If you decide to risk your chances--be prepared to pay the prizes adventurism attracts--the good and the bad ones.


Hi Jerry,
You are correct in your analysis of the second dynamics of that offense .
I am afraid you were silence on what I called the first dynamics of the behavior or offense. What do you say to that?
That is rape, exploitation and great violation of many rights.

GMB said...

Mi chiedo: perchè la signora ha accettato di consumare un rapporto sessuale con quel porco? Non poteva far intervenire il suo compagno immediatamente e se anche non fosse stato possibile perchè non si è rivolta a qualcuno dei passeggeri? Affermo questo perchè secondo me la notizia è incompleta, manca qualche particolare.

Chukwubike.OC said...

@lady A: It is really a jungle out here like in so many other places. You know thew European jungle has many colors and shades. Remember the girls look for that in some cases though.
@James:The community and most of us working close to the Trade unions and other authorities do our best to defend those that are really facing intimidations.
@Jerry: You are alway great in your analysis but I have already pointed out the point you were silence on I.e the intimidated ones...
@GMB: Ho lo stesso perplessità. Ci sono molti cose che non quadrano bene.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it possible that the lady willingly accepted to have an intercourse because she was used to use her body as "a good" and didn't find it so abusive as other people think.
Isn't it possible that , thinking to get an advantage from denouncing the man (getting a staying permit for humanitarian reason, for example), she went ahead?
Sometimes the victim isn't really a victim.

Chukwubike.OC said...

@ anonymous;according to the report she already has a stay permit; however, I still believe something was added or is missing in that report



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