Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ci sono molte cose che sembrano banale ma ci fanno riflettere sul “certe banalità”: L’integrazione,accettare il diverso o chiamalo come voi; in Italia - quale velocità viaggia confronto altri paesi dell’UE ? Misuriamola con una stupidaggine ‘ come il numero delle persone originaria d’altri continente o etnie nella nazionale del calcio. Che posizione sta l’Italia? In senso stretto non vuole dire niente, ma in generale dice molto. Ho finito…….. FORZA AZZURRI

The Russian Curling team(world best)
If you can follow this shot copy and paste debate below from anothe blog:

A .I have to wonder how the typical "french" soccer fan feels when he ors he sees that 8 of 11 players on the field are dark-skinned "frenchmen". are the native "french" athletes such bad sportsman?

I have to wonder why there are so many uninformed ignoramuses like you.

Let’s get something straight: the non-white French players on the national squad were all either born in France or emigrated to France at a very young age (ages like 2, 4, 8).

In other words–THEY’RE FRENCHMEN!! Born and raised and educated in France. This persistent myth that France plunders Africa for players is ####. France didn’t go to Africa and pluck these players from African leagues. They were born in France or got there as infants/toddlers when their parents emigrated.

Go tell Patrick Vieira, Lilian Thuram and Thierry Henry they’re not authentic Frenchmen and see how long your face remains un-introduced to their fists.

And there are lots of racist French people who have a hard time accepting the national team as representative of them -- even tho more than half of the national squad is white.

It’s all very similar to what went on in the US from the early 20th century until about the 70s or even as late as the 80s.

Over time, American blacks came to dominate American basketball and football. For decades this really upset white Americans, esp. in the south. They felt that these two sports were no longer representative of America since to them America meant white. It took decades of education and struggle, but these prejudices against black players in American sports are now a minority opinion.

You would never post such an ignorant comment if these players’ parents had emigrated from Eastern Europe, Italy, Greece and other caucasian-blessed countries? It’s all about the fact that they’re black.

Interestingly, hispanics have begun to show a preponderance in American baseball in the last 20-30 years. This too has made some Americans upset. Some are saying the great American game is being taken over by illegals and “wetbacks” (an ugly racist term). But because of the previous process of education and acceptance in football and basketball, there’s comparatively less rancor about it.

In time, this acceptance will happen in France also. Many French people will go kicking and screaming all the way (the way so many Amerians did) but they’ll get there. Actually, a good majority are already there since most French people have had little trouble accepting this national squad as representing them.

I have to wonder if the same relatively quick process of acceptance by a majority in Eastern Europe, Italy, Germany, England or Spain would occur if their national squads had so many non-white players.


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