Friday, June 27, 2008

NENWE....Amaka Oforbuike

Love for the poor drove me to music – Amaka Oforbuike, gospel singer

Fast-rising gospel singer, Amaka Oforbuike, has every cause to show gratitude to God for her latest effort, entitled: Chidimma. The consummate artiste and a graduate of English from the University of Lagos, earlier in the year, came out with her debut album, Chidinma (God is Good).

Speaking with Daily Sun at her album presentation last weekend, the artiste spoke on her new album, the menace of piracy, inspirations, and other challenges of the industry.

I hail from Nenwe in Agwu Local Government area of Enugu State. I'm the second in a family of five. I attended Housing Estate Primary School, Abakpa, Enugu following which I proceeded to Girls High School Awkunanaw Enugu for my secondary school education. I also attended the University of Lagos where I obtained a B.A (Hons) in English Language. At present, I'm pursuing a Masters Degree in Public Administration at Esut Business School.

God inspired me by giving me a good voice. I believe that the only place my voice can be useful is when I sing for God. I started singing from primary school. Over the years, I have nurtured myself in music ministration and I know that the sky is my limit.

Career choice
I had wanted to be a lawyer because I feel for the oppressed. I hate seeing people's rights being trampled upon. For me to fight back, I told myself that I would love to be a lawyer, so that I could defend the poor. But considering the fact that my God-given talent is to sing, I had sacrificed my law ambition for music.

I have produced two albums, the first one is entitled: "Chinaza" (God answers Prayer), while the second album is Chidimma (God is Good).

Hit track
The most thrilling track on my second album is I will not shed tears anymore. It is actually a message of consolation and encouragement. It connotes that there will be no more suffering, sorrow, untimely death and sickness among others.

Nigerian music industry
I thank God, the industry is growing but I believe if we are more devoted to it, it will grow bigger in the future.

I am not a member of PMAN because the Church has been part of me. I am a chief singer in my church, Household of Love Church, where I perform regularly but I believe I will join PMAN and other relevant bodies soon.

First, there is the Nigerian factor, whereby people would not want you to outshine them. The second one is finance. But with God on my side, the sky is my limit.

My albums are actually produced to correct the ills and some erroneous beliefs in the society. The message in Chinaza connotes that God answers prayer. So, whatever you do in life always believe that God is the only one who answers prayers but not the devil. The second album, Chidimma, also maintains that God is good no matter the circumstance.

Pirates are enemies to Nigerian music industry because they reap where they did not sow. Ordinarilly, artistes are not supposed to go hungry because Nigerians love music and they patronize it. I pray that God will intervene for Nigerian artistes, so that they can smile again.

Advice to other upcoming artistes
First, they should trust in God and remained focused. Second, they should be consistent in what they are doing without listening to anybody but God the sky will be their limit.

Impact of music
My music is the type that heals the soul both physically and spiritually. It is a kind of music that brings in favour and blessings to those who listen to it. Then, in response to that, they call me on daily basis on how my music has changed their lives.

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