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Congratulations to our Nwa-ada Barrister
Mukosolu Okwuosa
( I imagine she is the little daughter of
Cordelia Onuora).
How time can fly. I already imagine her
as a Lawyer in the
Vatican here in Rome if her vocation is
Gods wish.

Chris Chukwu has been a very humble

down to earth"son of the soil",
you are just knowing him- a real home boy,

however alsovery military oooh.(in discpline etc).

I congratulate Mr James Nweke for the book.

He is a pride of Nenwe.

The link you sent could not work however,

this one can take you there.

Good morning to everyone.


--- Gio 26/6/08, Cosmas Onuora, M.D. <> ha scritto:

Da: Cosmas Onuora, M.D. <>
Data: Giovedì 26 giugno 2008, 01:37


I would like to extend my most sincere greetings to Igwe Francis N. Imoh whom I regard very highly. May you never lack the companionship of our Lord Christ, and may He grant you the strength and wisdom to manage the affairs of Agbada Autonomous Community and also be able to contribute immensely to the general welfare of Nenwe.

My very best regards also go to Air Cmdr. Chris Chukwu whom I believe I met for the first time at the festivities of Igwe Imoh in December, 2007. We met again at the second annual Nenwe cultural day on January 1, 2008. He has an affable and gentle personality. He has indeed made us all proud. It was a joy to see the lively indulgence of all the attendees in various cultural dances. At one time, Air Cmdr. Chukwu danced in close proximity to Dr. Ike Onwe who also danced gracefully. It became obvious that Dr. Onwe was winning the contest. Suddenly, Air Cmdr. Chukwu clipped on his wings and made some diving jet moves. One gentleman of Igwe Imoh's cabinet also made a very graceful representation. He lives in Kano and I hope that he would forgive me for blanking out on his name. He promised a very conspicuous Kano contingent presence at next year's cultural day. I was particularly and pleasantly surprised that nwa adam Arc. Tony Mbani came in full cultural garb with the Uhueze community ikwirikwo dance group. My top award goes to him.

I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate brother Patrick on his recent promotion. May you remain at our Lord's table of plenty for many years to come, and may the fundamental virtues of our Christian morality be your guiding principle as you discharge your new duties.
To our folks in South Africa, we express our solidarity. It is obviously not a racial issue. This is black on black violence. Please correct me if am wrong. What could be the genesis of such vile hatred and anger? I pray that you will remain in the ways of the Lord, so that you may always remain in His care

It is with great joy and pride that I announce the publication of Mr. James Ogbonna Nweke's second novel titled "COURAGE UNDER FIRE". This book is published here in the United States by Xlibris publishing corporation. The book is a fiction based on historic events in Nenwe. I had the privilege and honor of writing the introduction to the book. I also reviewed the initial manuscript for Mr. Nweke. After reading through the draft, I reflexly recommended that the original title be changed to Courage Under Fire based on the content of the book. The book comes in both soft and hard covers and is available at the major book stores here in the US. You can also purchase it at and other major on line bookstore worldwide, such,, BarnesandNobles. com( , etc. I had dinner last Saturday with a friend of mine who is a business lawyer and I introduced the book to him, his wife, and his parents. He exclaimed "this is a nice movie title! how did you come up with such a title"? I have received similar comments from many of my American friends who have previewed the book.When you log on to any of these websites the excerpts from my introduction will give you synopsis of the book and provoke your curiosity.You can also access info on this book by logging on to its domain/website: www.courageunderfir
Through extensive marketing and research, Xlibris Corporation has projected that over 50,000 copies will be sold in the first month of publication. I recommend that you get your copy and read it. You just never know if an American movie company may invite you for an auditioning. I proudly congratulate our brother, author James Ogbonna Nweke for his hard work and dedicated effort which has earned him the international author recognition. May he reap the fruits of his labor to the glory of God and benefit of Nenwe.
God's blessings have come to us recently in various forms. I take pride and joy in my niece, Barrister Mukosolu Okwuosa who was called to the bar at the Nigerian High Court in Abuja on May 23rd, 2008. She now returns back to the Convent to pursue her calling in the service of the Lord. My family and I feel very blessed. May God continue to protect and guide her in all her decisions. Mukosolu is also gifted with a beautiful voice which she has also dedicated to the Lord. Their music album by St. Mulumba Youth Choir titled "ACHI CHA NA ENYE NDU" was released last year. You may purchase this album at the local record shop or at St. Mulumba Catholic Church book store at New Haven, Enugu.

It is also with pleasure that I announce that I was recently featured in the Community Links magazine in "Profiles on men in business" edition, Spring 2008. After canceling my scheduled interview twice due to my hectic work schedule, I was finally pressured to do the interview at the deadline for the submission of articles. I allotted 30 minutes for the interview but the journalist took about 15 minutes inquiring about Nigeria. It was obvious that she had great interest in Nigeria. My interview was captioned "She's Having My Baby - What Men Should Do During Pregnancy". I am a strong advocate for the active participation of husbands in the entire childbirth experience of their wives. Except for a baby that is having signs of problems during labor, I normally would clamp the cord, dry off the baby and place it on the mother's abdomen, and then give the father the scissors to cut the umbilical cord. The views expressed in my interview may represent a dichotomy to the standard practice in Nigeria. I share the view that a physician should function as an educator and a partner in the health care his or her patients. The patient should be allowed to direct his or care, fully informed of his/her diagnosis, and fully informed of evidence based data, including all available treatment options. The strengths and weaknesses of each option should be fully explained to the patient by his or her doctor. Once the patient elects the option most suitable to his or her needs, it becomes the doctor's responsibility to see that the treatment is carried out to the full extent of human capability. Patients should understand their rights and should never allow themselves to be short changed. I liken the role of the physician to that of the navigator who reads the compass to the pilot. A TRUE EMPOWERMENT CAN ONLY COME THROUGH KNOWLEDGE.
In concluding my remarks today, I would like to apprise you of two important upcoming events. The Summer is a very busy period for many Nigerian communities across the United States. I have been invited to chair the Enugu State USA convention which will hold August 1st through 3rd, 2008 in Miami, Florida. The Nenwe Progressive Association, USA will hold its convention on July 25 - 27, 2008 in Houston, Texas. The Enugu State convention was originally scheduled for July 25th through 27th. When they called me several months ago to give me heads up that I would be chairing the convention, I found myself in a very serious dilemma. I called our able secretary Mr. Okwudili Ani to seek his input and advice. Fortunately, as we were still pondering on the pros and cons, the organizers of Enugu State convention called to inform me that the convention has been moved down one week. What a relief! It is my belief that one does not respond to a call such as this, because he or she has the time or resources, but because of ones commitment to service.

I understand that there will be eminent representatives of the Enugu State government at the convention. I invite everybody with the disposition to attend these conventions to please do so without hesitation. Come to Houston and Miami and smell the roses. I can assure you that you would leave these two conventions enriched and uplifted.

Love, Unity, and Progress.
Cosmas Onwudiwe Onuora, M.D., FACOG, FICS.
Diplomate, American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Assistant Professor,
Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine
Chairman, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mercy Medical Center/The Sisters of St. Augustine Health System
Canton, Ohio


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