Thursday, October 12, 2017


Premise : Personally I  do not   believe that the Nigerian Army  medical corps would   go against professional  ethics   as  rumoured in the  South East (IGBOLAND)
However, come  to think about it:  
Just yesterday  you came: 

  • Shot and killed them as much as you could  like game animals or beasts: 
  • Kidnapped and destroyed corpses  (these  last  were denied). 
  • You  branded all of them TERRORISTS   which  means they are  all  enemies of the nation and could  or  should  be destroyed  by any means possible.
Then Today  you  come  with smiles  to  vaccinate  them and give then medicines  as not to die and  you think you are believable and trustworthy?

You unprofessionally destroyed  a trust  that has taken 50 years  to build and manage  just in a  day  with your  "shameful/shameless PYTHON" A  shameful dance that will hunt you  and your conscience more than the Biafran-Nigerian war.

You want to remedy all these horrible and horrific acts  by vaccinating them  and giving them paracetamol pain reliever.  By the way  who  what type of human beings  plan your  Public  relations  and  mediation  strategies? In this way you are moving You might be needing more than 50 years again to get to that level you were in the eyes  of the people 3 weeks ago. 
 Lets call a spade a spade , with all your "good intentions " you are not trusted and they have all good reasons not  to trust you and your vaccines.  If you would like to know there is  a vibrant  Virologist in every 20 south eastern or Igbo family, ask around  even in your medical corps. They are not  afraid of being wiped  out by virus or epidemics  rather they are afraid of being wiped  out  with guns  etc and the silence/ collaboration of corrupt people.
Taking you back to history which your Ogas banned in the schools: After the war in 1970 there was  one of the fastest and deadliest  cholera  outbreak in the southeast. It was rumoured the government was too slow and silent in actions  and that it was deliberate since those affected were the Igbos in Igboland . Prof A .Njoku-Obi  and his group in Nsukka (UNN)  produced  an anti cholera  vaccine. The Nigerian government wanted to wait till eternity  for the ones  that the white man would  send from (World Health Organisation) Geneva.

Meanwhile  Igbos were dying more than the war day. The  government went further to ban and follow the WHO to class the vaccine  as "unapproved and dangerous" but it still sneaked out of the Nsukka labs  and people started to be vaccinated. This writer  was vaccinated  by the  (underground) Made in Nsukka vaccine  and I did not die  rather survived the cholera  epidemic. The WHO   later reluctantly approved the  Nsukka Vaccine and  came  back to Nigeria with it .  It might interest you that it was the Nsukka  vaccine  was to be  "re branded" or accredited to other persons , then they observed it was already being used without their permission  and positive results recorded so they approved it on Prof Njoku Obis  name . It is being used in places there is  a great outbreak till date all over the  world. Nobody would tell you this.

Therefore my gallant men and women, you can imagine now that these people are not afraid of epidemics ooo. Park your things , return to the barracks  and vaccinate your close family members  and friends  especially your commandants. Tell them to plan a better way of showing that the N A is the peoples  army and not the Cabals army. There are so many other ways to achieve  your results   but this one: hmmm,  the subject, object, time and method  in short  everything is wrong in the PR / mediation  environment .
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